Pathway Dental ACC

ACC Registered

Pathway Dental is accredited by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to provide a wide range of dental treatments following an injury. This may involve relief of pain and treatment immediately after the injury has occurred.

Encountering an accident is never pleasant and can be stressful. Thankfully in New Zealand, ACC helps us in the event of an accident. ACC provides comprehensive cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. If you need more information about ACC you can view their website here.  For dental injuries a claim must be registered through a dentist who will have you fill out an ACC form. ACC will then assess the claim and provide funding for treatment. All our dentists at Pathway Dental are ACC registered. We are able to help you with your dental assessment and management during these times of need.

Please note: An ACC surcharge usually applies for the treatment as ACC does not usually cover the full cost of dental treatments. However, the initial ACC assessment and consult will be fully covered and does not incur in any surcharges. Surcharges does not apply to anyone under 18 years old.