Root Canal Therapy

Also known by the name endodontics, Pathway Dental performs root canal therapy when there is a problem right at the center of a tooth—in the tooth’s root canal area. When there are problems with a tooth, such as leaking fillings, bad tooth decaying or rotting, or teeth becoming damaged as a direct result of heavy trauma, root canal therapy can be a realistic solution for you. Most people know when a root canal is necessary by the pain and discomfort they experience that normally precedes a root canal procedure.

The Different Parts of a Tooth

To better understand root canal therapy, you need to delve a little bit further into the makeup of the tooth itself. You have the crown, which is the external part of the tooth and the part that you can see. Then you have the root of the tooth, which is hidden within the crown and is usually not visible, and is there to hold the actual tooth in place. Enamel is the hard outer coating of the tooth, the dentine which supports the enamel and also ensures that the tooth is formed. Cementum is the armour of the root itself, and this encases itself around the dental pulp which is right at very center of the tooth. When you consider that teeth can have more than one root canal, and the system of the root canal itself contains all of this dental pulp from the top to the bottom, you can appreciate how sensitive the tooth would be, should a root canal therapy be necessary but not performed.

When Root Canals Become a Problem

When bacteria can get to the dental pulp in the very center of the tooth, the bacteria kills the pulp, more bacteria breeds and before long, abscesses can occur, as well as a very painful and long term swelling. You will sure know if you feel the pain that requires a root canal therapy!

Root Canal Therapy

In short, the damaged tooth is removed from its socket by tooth extraction, and then the bacteria is completely removed from the very center of the tooth (dental pulp), to ensure that no further infection can occur. Once completed, the root canal is then given a filling, and the tooth should have no further problems.

Taking the First Step

Most people dread having root canal therapy, and associate it with discomfort, often resulting in a very unpleasant experience. Pathway Dental is well experienced in root canal therapy in Christchurch, and are experts in making sure that you are relaxed and pain-free throughout the procedure. If you are experiencing extreme discomfort and pain, it is likely that you require root canal therapy. Don’t wait any longer! Contact the root canal experts today on 03 366 8866 or request an appointment online. There is no reason to live with the discomfort and tooth pain of an abscessed or infected tooth.

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