Composite Fillings

Restorations / Fillings

Restorations / Fillings

Dental fillings is one of the most common words associated with dentistry.  – they fill a gap. When you grind your teeth at night, you could cause them to become worn down. Also, when you have rotting or decay in your teeth, there will be a hole that will prove very sensitive for a while, once the bad matter has been removed. Fillings (Composite and Amalgam) are there to fill these holes and to thicken up those worn teeth to prevent any further issues from occurring.

Different Types of Tooth Fillings

The good news is that you can get fillings made with virtually any material these days – gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, plastic, composite, you name it!

Here at Pathway Dental, we mainly use composite resin or more commonly known as ‘white/tooth coloured fillings’. Composite fillings have come a long way since their early days. They are now stronger and last longer than before. In addition to that, they are fairly conservative to the tooth structure and are preferred by most of our patients.

You can have a couple of different types of filling too – direct and indirect, which also have a couple more options – inlays and onlays. You may even find that you need a temporary filling from time to time, but this is usually done for those that have recently undergone root canal surgery, as an emergency treatment, and also if more than one session will be required for a specific treatment to be completed.

Indirect fillings will need a couple of trips to Denton Smiles; they are actually made up within a laboratory to go within the tooth with the help of a dental crown; usually when there is not enough tooth matter to support an entire filling.

Side Effects with Tooth Fillings

Obviously, as with any kind of dental procedure, there are things that can go wrong. You may experience sensitivity and pain after the fillings. This is actually a very common side effect and can last from one day to four weeks. Some people don’t experience it, but the majority of people do. Also, you might experience some pain while biting down. This could either be the tooth settling, or you will need to have it amended slightly as it has interfered with the bite.

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