Dental Implants


Dental implant surgery is not something that should be taken lightly. Pathway Dental Cosmetic Dentistry understands the restoration and treatment involved for cosmetic surgeries such as dental implants. Pathway Dental is your best choice for dental implant surgery and restoration in Christchurch. 

Although implants are a great and proven way to perfect your smile, they are a lengthy process that has many different appointments and stages necessary to get it just right and can come with added costs if things aren’t taken care of as they should be.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant, (or tooth implant) is something that is used to replace teeth that are missing by way of a titanium screw. As you can imagine, this is a rather large treatment style, and usually consists of two main parts that are spread over a period of three to nine months.

When you have dental implant surgery and restoration, you will have a titanium screw implanted into your jaw line, hidden from view. There is a tooth-style formation attached to the top of the screw, and this is what will perfect your smile, but before this part can be done, the screw-like formation must be added to the jaw line to ensure that it will “take” before anything can be added to the top of it. If the implant is being done in a very visible place, you may find that a “fake” tooth is added to the screw for the time being to ensure that you don’t have any odd looking formations within your mouth.

Implant Procedures

Once the implant has been added to your jaw line, a period must pass—normally between 3 and 9 months—to ensure that the implant has been taken by your body, and that it will stay in place. Once this has been proven, a new tooth can be added to the top of the screw (abutment), and this is what will then perfect your smile. Usually, this crown segment of the dental implant and restoration treatment will be made of a material and a color that will match the rest of your teeth to ensure that the look you get is exactly the look you want.

This may be a rather extensive treatment to get the perfect smile, but this is something that is regularly performed and rather simple to do. There may be other treatments that will need to take place before the dental implant surgery and restoration can take place, for example the sinus lift, but these will be options discussed with Pathway Dental and are only in cases where the screw cannot be implanted simply and without incurring other problems.

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