Dental Exam & Consultation

Dental Examination & Consultation


Regular dental examinations are conducted to:

  1. Determine risk factors which might be detrimental to your dental health.
  2. Detect existing dental problems even if they have not caused any discomfort or pain yet.
  3. Plan your dental treatment according to your needs.

All these are done to help you maintain a healthy mouth and to be dentally fit. For most people, we recommend getting a dental exam once every six months. We are aware that you might be busy with everyday life and work. Therefore, we help you keep track on when your check-ups are due via our recall system.

At Pathway Dental, we adhere to the belief that long-lasting and a successful dental treatment originates from proper initial planning of your treatment. Yes, there could be times where your main concern could be just one particular tooth as it could appear chipped, broken, lost a filling, causing pain or a combination of these problems and although it is possible to manage and treat a single tooth, we would highly recommend all new patients to have a full mouth examination during their first visit with us. By knowing your overall oral condition, much better treatment decisions can be made.



A consultation is an appointment where one particular issue or concern is addressed. During this time, an in depth assessment and discussion regarding the area of concern will be conducted.

In most cases, we still highly recommend for a full mouth examination to be done instead as this will facilitate with the overall diagnosis and treatment options leading to an overall higher treatment success.

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