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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a term given to a form of dentistry that goes above and beyond the needs of a dentist. These procedures help to improve smiles and boost your confidence. Your pearly whites are so much more than just teeth, and cosmetic dentists in Christchurch such as Pathway Dental appreciates and help with that.

People don’t just want their teeth “fixed” these days, which has led to a higher demand for cosmetic dentistry, and in turn, better technologies. This means that you don’t just have to get your teeth “fixed” anymore – you can have crooked teeth fixed, and have them clean and polished to get them nice and white.

Let’s say, for example, you have a gap in-between your two front teeth. For years you have been unhappy with this but didn’t think there was a way that it could be fixed. Now, however, you can have the front teeth realigned with the help of braces—invisible and metal—or you could opt for veneers for that coveted Hollywood smile. These days, you have more options than ever before to have your smile exactly the way you want it, and with Pathway Dental’s cosmetic procedures, you will discover that everything is routine and affordable.

In short, cosmetic dentistry is designed to help those that are looking to restore, straighten or even whiten their teeth. With so many procedures available now, you could opt for any number of treatments to help you get the dazzling white smile you have always wanted. With whitening treatments coming forward in technology alongside fillings, crowns, veneers and much more, it could be quicker and more pain free than you thought to get those pearly whites.


To achieve the smile that you have always wanted, Pathway Dental is the leading choice for veneers and cosmetic dentistry in Christchurch. Dental veneers are the go-to cosmetic dentistry procedure of choice for most of those with the smiles that we covet. Most of the actors and entertainers that have those perfect Hollywood smiles can attribute them to veneers, though they certainly aren’t limited to the famous and wealthy!

While there are different types of veneers available, it is porcelain veneers that remain the long-standing preferred choice by many for their appearance and strength. Using veneers, the shape, size and position of your teeth can be perfected, along with the shade of your teeth so that you can not only get a straighter and more even looking smile, but also a whiter one.

A dental laboratory creates the veneers to meet the exact specifications of your mouth based on a dental imprint dentist to make the mould that they will work from. In some cases, the veneers are even made on-site. There may need to be some treatment beforehand to make enough space on the top layer of the tooth to fit a veneer, even so the entire treatment is fairly simple considering the dramatic results achieved by veneers. If teeth are being bought forward, or a smaller tooth is being made to look like a bigger tooth, pre-treatment preparation may not even be needed. This is something that you can discuss with our Christchurch Dentists in details when deciding if veneers are a good option for you.

There are a few stages that you will need to go through in order to achieve that dazzling celebrity-style smile. The initial consultation is important to allow you to discuss the treatment with us and receive answers to your questions and give you details, run-by-run stages of the treatment, and any aftercare that may be required. Following this, you will have an impression of your teeth made, occasionally used with an anaesthetic, and then temporary veneers are placed on the teeth so that you leave having a dramatically different smile right away while you wait for your new veneers to be made.

There is no reason to put off obtaining your best smile any longer. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry/veneers, Pathway Dental is the right cosmetic dentist in Christchurch that you need. Call us today on  03 366 8866 or request an appointment online.


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