What is a dental crown?

You may have heard of a dental crown. But, you may wonder what is it and why does your dentist recommend a crown? A dental crown (or a cap) is a restoration that completely envelops a tooth or a dental implant. The crowns are often made by dental labs or in-clinic milling units. A crown can then be cemented onto a tooth or an implant. It may also be screw-retained on an implant. There are many reasons why your tooth may require crowning. A crown is significantly stronger than standard filling materials. There are many instances where a simple filling […]

“I’ll fix it later, it is not painful now”.

At some point in your life, you might have encountered a broken tooth or been informed by the dentist that you have a dental cavity and you then thought to yourself, ”It’s ok, we’ll fix it later since it is not painful now”. I will try to explain in the blog session today why this can be detrimental to your health. There are multiple reasons and explanation behind this but for today, I will be using the most common example as the explanation. Within every tooth in our mouth, lies a nerve in the centre of it. This nerve is […]

Dental Caries in Infants and Children: Implications and Prevention

At Pathway Dental we offer FREE dental service for adolescents (high school year 9 to age 18). Adolescents will receive the same full range of dental treatment options and the same quality of dental care that we enjoy providing to all of our other clients. Furthermore, being registered with the Ministry of Health, we are also able to provide FREE urgent/emergency dental care for children under 13 years of age. Painful teeth, sore gums, swelling, accidents, broken sharp etc all constitute as an urgent dental need. We are open 7 DAYS for all your dental need, please give us a […]

Dental Hygiene

Welcome back to our blog page. This week I will be talking about the importance of dental hygiene ! It is important to receive dental hygiene treatment regularly. However, many patients do wonder what is done during the appointment and why it is important. At a dental hygiene appointment, you usually will receive scaling and/or prophylaxis (polishing). Scaling and polishing are carried out to remove dental plaque, calculus (tartar) and external stains. You may ask what is plaque and tartar? Plaque is a biofilm that can form inside your mouth if you have not been cleaning your mouth adequately. Overtime […]

The Full Mouth Dental Examination – It is more than just having a look at your teeth.

As promised from our previous post, we will explain to you why a full thorough dental examination is needed for all new clients or anyone who has not seen a dentist in over 12 months. Contrary to what some may believe, the dental examination a.k.a. check up is NOT an appointment where the dentist will just have a look at your teeth and then list out the teeth which require dental works followed by a price quote for these works. It is much more than that. One of the very first things we like to do is to get to […]